Heating Up the Mama Beauty Routine

Since I am about to give birth and spend the foreseeable future in unflattering nursing bras, not showering, with bags under my eyes from sleepless nights, anything quick, easy, and simple that can make me feel a bit more human – womanly, even? – is a welcome addition to my mama beauty routine.

So for Christmas, I asked for the new Revlon blow dry brush. It’s supposed to be a hair dryer and volumizer all in one. I’ve only used it a few times, but I’ve been amazed at the results! My hair is long – almost to my waist – and tends to be mostly straight with a few waves or kinks if I don’t straighten it. Using this Revlon hot air brush, I’m able to dry my hair in half the normal time it usually takes me, AND my hair is perfectly straight with a nice under curl at the bottom without having to use a straightener as well!

Every time I’ve used the blow dry brush, my husband Matthew (who is a typical man and doesn’t notice such things) has – unprompted! – run his hands through my hair and commented, “Wow, your hair is so shiny and silky today!” That, if nothing else, tells me this is a product worth the investment.

Candidly Christy


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